Leonardo Ai’s new feature for free: Realtime canvas

leonardo ai live canvas example

Some days ago Leonardo Ai announced a cool new tool called Realtime canvas. With this AI-based function you can turn your drawings into an AI art! Also this tool in Leonardo Ai is free.

Still in Beta stage (early access), but very easy to use. I really enjoyed the testing process.

How to use?

Just log in into Leonardo Ai, open the Realtime Canvas feature, give some short prompt and start drawing! You can use different colors, different brush thickness. Realtime Canvas shows the result immediately!

I recommend you to try out this feature: just play with the settings, try different prompts and see what’s happening. It’s a big FUN and you can activate your fantasy with them.

Use it for example in the planning process of your project, creating concept art or to get ideas how to enhance your drawings.

If you would like to see it in action and get some ideas what and how can be draw with Realtime Canvas, just watch my video on YouTube:

In this video I show you how easy to use Realtime Canvas. I draw various objects like a simple tree, a car, a house and so on. I give you also some tips how to rotate the objects in three dimensions.

Furthermore you can learn how positioning the sun affects the overall mood of the house image.

If you are new to AI, then I would recommend to read the Artificial Intelligence Guide first.

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