These are the best free AI image generators of 2023

Community feed of Leonardo AI

Artificial intelligence-based image generators are becoming increasingly popular, as they make it easy for anyone to produce creative and spectacular images. However, most of them are paid or the free AI image generators have some restrictions.

Here are a few free AI image generators you might want to try:

Playground AI

Playground AI is a popular web application that allows you to generate images in different styles. You can even specify an image to be generated and have the AI create an image based on it.

General features:

  • User gallery (Community Feed)
  • Possibility to remix generated images by others
  • Keyword search
  • Canvas editor

Limitations of the free version:

  • Maximum resolution of generated images: 1024 x 1024 pixels
  • Slower image generation
  • Other image quality restrictions

Leonardo AI

Leonardo AI is also a web-based, powerful image generator that can be used to generate images of different styles, such as landscapes, portraits, animals, illustrations or still lifes. This tool is constantly being improved and enhanced with innovative features.

General features:

  • User gallery (Recent Creations)
  • Possibility to remix generated images by other users
  • Canvas editor
  • Realtime Canvas (originally called live canvas, see my article and youtube video)

This application has additional extra features such as:

  • texture generation for 3D models
  • video generation

Limitations of the free version:

  • 150 fast tokens, resets once per day
  • no private generations
  • Images can be up to 1024×1024 pixels

Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion has a very good image generating engine. We cannot view and use other users’ images as a base, but the prompt database can help to inspire and achieve better results.

General information:

  • Stable Diffusion don’t collects any personal information
  • They don’t store our text or image

Advantages of the free version:

  • Unlimited number of images can be generated
  • No registration required

Limitations of the free version:

  • Slower image generation
  • Watermarked images
  • Only one image version per generation
  • Images can be up to 1024×1024 pixels


OpenAI was among the first to create an AI image generation tool. A few months ago, version 3 of DALL-E was released and integrated into the paid version of ChatGPT.

General information:

  • Free credits to those who registered before 6 April 2023
  • Free credits reload 1x per month
  • You can create 4 image versions with 1 credit
  • Currently $15 gets you 115 credits

Benefits of the free version:

  • easy to use
  • generates 4 different versions based on a prompt

Limitations of the free version:

  • not as detailed and realistic as DALL-E 3
  • watermarked images


Free AI image generators are a good way to try AI-based image generation. If you’re on a limited budget or just curious to see what these apps can do, it’s worth trying at least one of them out.

Good luck and have fun experimenting!

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