Create full song with Suno – New features in the AI music generator

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Version 3.5 of the Suno AI music generator has just been released. In this article, we will see what changes and new functions this model has brought and how we can even more easily create full song with Suno.

New features of the v3.5 model

  • Generating 4-minute tracks: you only have to click the Create button once and after a few moments the entire full song track is ready
  • we can extend the music by up to 2 minutes
  • improved music structure and vocal flow (this means that the music generation has been improved, so more relevant content is created for the prompt, metatags are taken into account better and the vocal will be more accurate and of better quality)
  • download songs in .wav format (only for Pro and Premium subscribers)

Of course, it is possible to use one of the older models before starting the music generation.

How to create your full-length (up to 4 minutes) AI music?

The steps for generating music have not changed compared to before:

  1. Open the Suno website and log in to your account. If you don’t have access yet, sign up by clicking on the Sign Up link in the bottom left corner of the home page.
  2. You can also log in with a Discord, Google or Microsoft account.
  3. Click the Create button from the menu (top left).
  4. Enter the prompt of the song or use the randomly generated prompt.
  5. Check if the v3.5 model is selected
  6. If you don’t want lyrics for the music, activate the Instrumental setting
  7. Click the Create button
  8. You can find the download button by clicking the ellipsis button next to the number

So based on the steps above, you can also create your own songs.

Testing Suno v3.5

I generated 4 full songs with this AI music generator:

Country rock Electronic Dance Music
Prompt: country rock EDM
From the Lyrics: “Lost in the beat, never found my way home.”

African tribal music
Prompt: Traditional 120bpm african tribal music with relatively strong drums and this instruments: kora, djembe, balafon, shaker. Transition to silence at the end.

Chill-out lounge music (Instrumental)
Prompt: chill out lounge background music for cafe bar

Epic instrumental music
Prompt: battle of dragons full epic song with dramatic mood, strong instruments, strings, medium drums, dramatic melody, female choir at the cathartic points, transition to silence at the end


Suno’s v3.5 model made it even easier to generate music. Thanks to the new developments, we can generate up to a 4-minute full song with Suno just by entering the appropriate prompt and hitting the Create button.

The generated track will not always be exactly 4 minutes long of course. The exact length depends on the musical style, the tempo of the music and the lyrics.

Read the Generate AI Music with Suno Metatags article, to learn how to fine-tune your songs with meta tags.

It is said that Suno is already working on the v4 model, which will put a lot of emphasis on high-quality vocals and, according to the promise, will generate even more appropriate music for the prompt.

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