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Introduction to Metatags

Metatags in Suno are special instructions embedded within song lyrics, enclosed in square brackets, to help customize musical elements such as instruments, voices, and song sections. They allow for precise control over the generated music, aligning it with your creative vision.

Read more about the v3.5 model of Suno and it’s new features.

Basic Guidelines

  1. Keep It Simple: Use a maximum of three words per tag for clarity.
    • ✅ Good Example: [Syncopated Bass]
    • ❌ Bad Example: [call and response between percussion and bass]
  2. Tagging Sections: Pair a brief style description with a noun indicating the instrument or voice.
    • Example: [Soft String]

Types of Metatags

  1. Song Structure Tags: Define parts of the song.
  2. Instrumental Tags: Specify instruments to be used in certain sections like [Syncopated Bass], [Fingerstyle Guitar Solo], [Build].
  3. Voice Tags: Indicate the type of vocal performance or effects desired. Some metatag examples for vocals style: [Gospel Choir], [Primal Scream], [Rap Verse]

Song Structure Metatags

Verses and Choruses

Verses and choruses form the backbone of most songs. Use these tags to specify their presence:

  • Verse: [Verse] or more specific like [Verse 1]
  • Chorus: [Chorus]

Pre-Chorus and Bridge

Pre-choruses build up to the chorus, and bridges offer a contrast to the main lyrics:

  • Pre-Chorus: [Pre-Chorus]
  • Bridge: [Bridge]

Additional Structure Tags

  1. Intro: Short instrumental start.
    • Example: [Short Instrumental Intro]
  2. Hook: Repetitive catchy phrases.
    • Example: [Catchy Hook]
  3. Break: Instrumental pauses.
    • Example: [Percussion Break]
  4. Interlude: Instrumental sections.
    • Example: [Melodic Interlude]
  5. Outro: Ending sections.
    • Example: [Outro], [Big Finish]
  6. End: Explicitly mark the end of a song.
    • Example: [End], [Fade to End]

Best Practices

  • Precision: Avoid overly complex tags to prevent misinterpretation.
  • Genre Appropriateness: Some tags work better in specific genres, so tailor them to the music style you’re aiming for.


Suno Metatags enhance the specificity and quality of the music generated by Suno AI. By following the guidelines for simplicity and relevance, you can effectively shape your songs to match your creative ideas.

Feel free to experiment with these metatags to make better customized songs!

For detailed information on metatags and their uses, refer to the official Suno Metatags FAQ.

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